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A Thriving Byker

Who are Foundation Futures?

Having been introduced through the Byker Community Trust, we're delighted to be working with Foundation Futures; a not for profit organisation dedicated to changing the lives of local young residents struggling with mainstream education and exclusion in the North East.

The project is spearheaded by Christine Henwood + Sue Davison, who, after becoming disillusioned with the provision of support for young people dealing with abusive backgrounds and the inevitable emotional and behavioural difficulties that ensue, left their teaching positions to offer the essential support provided by the project.

Their mission is to give young people in Byker a chance to reinvent themselves by providing a safe place to learn skills such as cooking, improve interpersonal skills through collaborative projects and games as well as giving back to the community.

To help achieve this, Mersten was delighted to assist the project by providing funds to help run the project through until the end of the summer and to enable days out and educational activities that these young people would never normally benefit from.

Frustrated that we could not change things from within the system we decided to initiate that change from without and to offer our skills, contacts and expertise to support schools’ capacity.

Sue Davison + Christine Henwood
Co - Founders, Foundation Futures

...working together for a Thriving Byker

The team at Foundation Futures, working holistically with Byker Community Trust have drawn on their educational and social expertise to create a strategic delivery plan that will ensure a Thriving Byker.

They aim to:

-Improve mental health and well-being
-Reduce loneliness and isolation
-Increase employability and work readiness
-Improve physical health and well-being
-Develop confidence in Maths and English
-Build financial literacy skills
-Increase access to IT
-Reduce anti-social behaviour

For more information on Foundation Futures, please visit the website here.

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