Wanted: Land + Apartments

We are looking for land to enable us to build apartments with planning or sites that can gain planning for C3 residential.

We would also consider built or half-built apartment schemes together with existing properties suitable for conversion to residential.


  • Land area required is between 0.5 to 3 acres
  • Existing or capable of obtaining open C3 planning consent
  • Close to amenity including, shops, pharmacy and leisure facilities
  • Central town and city centre locations are preferable but we will consider peripheral locations provided our criteria can still be met
  • Land will be considered with or without planning consent for C3, although those with such consent in place are preferable
  • Built or partially built apartments
  • One or two bedrooms of approximately 600sq ft. (If two storeys or above a lift must be present or capable of being added)
  • Tenancies in place are acceptable, if such tenancies are Assured Shorthold and capable of determination
  • Location criteria is the same as for land

Please forward details to the Mersten Development Team.

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