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We believe our testimonials say a lot about our approach.

Our tenants often are in need of full or part time assistance from care professionals.

It was fantastic to meet and hear feedback from Josh, one of the amazing Support Workers at our Blackpool bungalow.

Offering a sense of independence and choice is fundamental to the rights of our tenants, and as such, we make sure to revisit our properties to hear what our tenants, their families and Support Workers think of their new homes.

We aim to rehabilitate people who have acquired brain injuries to the best of our abilities and the best of their abilities by providing supported accommodation for adults after they’ve come out of hospital. Through time and effort and hard work, we get to see the tenants become re-abled and become more skilful and lead a more self-sustainable life.
It's helped putting slopes in and widening door frames, and it's just little things that help...being all on the ground floor because we have a lot of wheelchair users. Bedrooms being close to the wet rooms and the kitchen so if people have poor mobility, its easier to manoeuvre from one place to another, you don’t have to go upstairs or from one side of the building to another.
It’s one of the nicer houses I’ve worked in and I think that reflects in the staff members' and the service users moods, especially as there are more open areas and more sitting areas so when families come and visit they can engage more and have personal time with family; I really think that this place is something quite special.

Josh Bannister
Support Worker - Blackpool

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